Staff Structure

This is how our staff structure for the community works. If you need assistance, you contact immigration first. If immigration cannot help you, they will escalate your issue/question/concern to the next tier. It will progress until we can resolve it. If for any reason you bypass this hierarchy, there will be a significant delay in assisting you.

The Establishment


Immigration is Support.

Support will be the front lines for the community.

They will accept/deny immigration applications and conduct interviews.

They will assist you with any problems you have when connecting to RetroRP.

If they are unable to assist you, they will escalate your questions or concerns to a Moderator.

Human Relations

Human Relations are Moderators.

They will moderate chats and enforce the rules to the best of their ability.

They are also considered Senior Support and will resolve minor issues that the support team cannot.

They will also handle minor player reports unless a player involved requests an Administrator to intervene.

Federales (Feds)

Federales are Administrators.

The Feds will take community lead from CEOs.

They are the only ones with direct communication to the CEOs and will notify them if there is an issue that needs their attention.

The Feds will also take care of disciplinary actions against players who break rules.


CEOs are Owners.

They run the community and development.

All key decisions are finalized by them.