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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play on RetroRP?

If you currently own Arma 3, RetroRP is free to play. 

What is RetroRP?

RetroRP is a new and innovative Arma 3 roleplay Community. It is developed by Jonzie and Adam, veterans to the Arma development community. RetroRP is a 60s,70s, and early 80s life mod. We want you to be able to experience things back the way they used to be, meaning no cell phones, no computer as we know it, and no Uber! We have an experienced community staff team who have worked together on previous Arma communities and side by side with the development team are creating some very exciting and unique things for RetroRP. Our modeling team is extremely talented, and creating some never-before-seen models in Arma at all. We put an idea out there, and they help bring it to life. 

When is the release of RetroRP?

Currently, RetroRP is under construction. We are not relying on forums, or teamspeak. We are trying to create a whole new experience for the players and members of the community! We are building our website from scratch which will be the portal to our life mod. All important documents, reports, and tickets will be just a click away! So with us building everything custom to this community, it’s taking a little longer than expected. We hate putting deadlines out and missing them, so all we can say for now is it will be released SoonTM. We not only want to make sure you have plenty to do for the start of alpha in-game, but make sure it is up to our standards for release. We appreciate your patience and your enthusiasm for RetroRP! 

How do I join RetroRP?

Our server will be whitelisted, that means you will have to go through a short application and interview process in order to be allowed to play on the server. I know, I know it’s so annoying to have to apply. But why do we do it? It’s to ensure that all players joining RetroRP know that this is a hardcore RP server, and to make sure they know the basic rules of the server, and RP, as well as be able to stay in character. We could write a list of a million rules that would be useless if you don’t know how to apply them in game. Our wonderful support team will make sure you have everything you need before hopping on the server for the first time. From important in game hotkeys, to downloading and configuring the most up-to-date mods, we will do everything we can to make your gameplay more enjoyable!

How do I play RetroRP?

After you have passed the application and interview, you will need teamspeak with TaskForce Radio, Discord (for any issues that cannot be resolved through Support tickets on the website), and Arma 3 configured with the latest RetroRP mods and workshop items. Links will be provided in the Gameplay Tab on this website. To make things easier, we also have a custom launcher that will also be provided in the "Server Information" Tab on the website.

I’m 12, can I play RetroRP?

Unfortunately, due to the language and nature of the mod, we are forced to set an age limit to the server. You need to be at least a mature 15 year old to play on RetroRP. Any applicant who is suspected to be underage will undergo an age verification process that will be administered by Mod+. If you are unable to prove that you are above the age of 15 with a government Id or otherwise, then we reserve the right to deny you access to our mod. No, we don’t want to talk to your mom or your older Brother as your form of age verification. Nor do we want to see how poor your photoshop skills are or hear ur sob story on how u lost your school ID. If you are underage, or cannot provide us with a VALID photo ID, please apply when you turn 15. 

What makes RetroRP different from other communities?

There are lots of things that set us apart from other communities. Although you will see some things that are recycled content-wise from other communities, we have other aspects of our mod that are completely unique. Our goal is to make this a hardcore Roleplay community with as much transparency as possible and with the least admin interaction. That means you, the player, will for instance be able to select a plot of land and build a house the way u want to on the map. Rulebreaks for the most part will be handled through RP. Want to pass a law that makes all guns legal on the island? Be able to argue your case and convince your constituents and it very well may pass! We want to bring the “community” back to Arma. That also means regular Community meetings and complete transparency, as well as giving you the option to create and upload your own approved textures for vehicles. We also want to make sure each and every one of you is respected and heard by staff. Any issues or brilliant ideas you come up will be corrected, or even scripted into a future update. We want to see you bring the same kind of passion, dedication and loyalty you all have had for previous communities. You will also not see staff hiding out in their offices (unless they are working), we will try to be as friendly and accessible to the community as possible!

Who do I speak to if I have more questions?

We are on discord! Currently there is a “questions and answers” section on the discord where people post their questions and a member of staff posts an answer to the best of their ability. If you haven’t joined our discord you can here. In that discord, you will find we constantly post updates in the showcase, chat about randomness, and respond to questions and ideas our members have!

Is RetroRP available on other servers or for sale?

Since we are creating RetroRP from scratch, it is currently not released anywhere. Everyday we incorporate new ideas, and new content. Since RetroRP is a hobby for us, it is also not for sale. We are creating a community that we, ourselves, want to play at and make an enjoyable experience for all who join.