Development Status 06/17/2020

Why is RetroRP taking so long? 

We’ve all been there. We’ve all joined an ArmA community we had extremely high hopes for, and it turned out to be a let down because of bugs, exploits, and just lackluster roleplay. 

We are trying to change all that. 

Although development seems to be at a standstill, we are actively working on the server daily. 

One of the main reasons development has taken so long is because we do this as a hobby. We all have full time jobs, go to school,or both in order to pay our bills while also being able to finance the server upon release. 

We’ve always wanted to create a server that we would want to play at ourselves. We pride ourselves on our development and scripting abilities, and are striving to put out a server that we would be proud of. We are testing constantly amongst ourselves to pinpoint and eliminate bugs and exploits to make sure it isn’t broken at launch. 

Our goal at server launch is to put out a server with minimal to no issues. 

We also are fixated on providing new content and perfecting some of the features you may have seen in other communities. 

Without the continued support of the community none of this would be possible. So thank you for your patience, support and understanding. As soon as we are prepared to announce a launch date we will in the “announcements” channel. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the “Questions and answers” channel of the discord.

Civilian Applications are now OPEN!!!!! 01/09/2020

Hello! I hope everyone had a great new year! This is going to be a big year, so with that I wanted to officially announce the opening of Civilian Applications

A quick rundown of what to expect... We have split the applications process into two steps: a written part and an interview. 

The written part will include the basics about you and your roleplay experience, and even who referred you to the community! It will also make sure you know the fundamentals of roleplay, and are able to apply the rules to a fictional scenario. I encourage all of you to read the FAQs, rules and staff structure before applying to RetroRP. 

The interview process will be simple and straightforward. The idea for the interview is basically to answer any questions you may have, while also making sure that you have an enjoyable roleplay experience at RetroRP!  

We currently have three wonderful members of immigration. Jon Grant, Nathan, and Andrew Cooper. If you guys have any questions about the application process, please message them on discord! 

So where do you find the rules, FAQ, staff structure, and the application? On the right hand side at the top you will see a "Login with Steam" button. Login, and then after that you will have some more options open up for the website. The Rules, FAQ, and staff structure can be found under the "Community Information" tab. When you are ready to apply, click on the "Applications" tab, and from there you will see an option for the Civilian Application.

If you want to know the status of your application after you have applied, you click your steam name, and then profile, and it should be right there! Since we will be keeping our staff pretty small, please give them adequate time to look over and process your application. 

We ask everyone to be patient! Once your application is accepted, your status will change from "Alien" to "Citizen" and you will automatically be whitelisted and ready to go when the server opens!

Shortly, we will be releasing a tentative date for server release, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you all for your input, ideas, and enthusiasm for this community. We look forward to all that is to come!

Update 12/16/2019

We are getting closer to releasing a launch date for Alpha! Here's a quick rundown of what is new here at RetroRP.

We are updating the website daily. You may not see changes, but currently we are implementing a staff dashboard in order to start accepting citizen applications! We are 99 percent completed with it, and will probably open up applications by the end of this week. We ask that once applications do open up, that you are patient with the process. It is the holiday season and we have a very limited team at the moment. We will do our best to get to your application as soon as possible!

Our goal for the website is to make it as easy to use as possible. It will contain all the information we need to successfully run the server, and help keep metagaming to a minimum. We are emphasizing hardcore roleplay. And with that, a majority of things that most communities do out of game on teamspeak, we will be doing in-game. By eliminating forums and making the website customized for every user, we feel it will allow the player to immerse themselves more into their characters, and force many to interact and further their characters more organically in game. However, all vital information including server rules and penal codes will be posted here on this website and may be in game as well.

As for the community staff team, at the moment it consists of myself as an owner, and Adam (aka UK Adam , former administrator at No-pixel) as well as Maxi ( former sub-director at A3PL) as my most senior, and currently only, admins. As we grow our community and continue to get closer to Alpha release, we will open up applications/interviews for various staff positions so be on the lookout for that!

Faction lead applications are still open for both EMS and Police Department! If you are interested please message me (Sara) on discord!

Also, all of your ideas and input are always welcome. The RetroRP team is creating a brand new community from scratch, and while there's things we would love to see and put in our world, we also want to include things you were always interested in seeing or experiencing in an ArmA Life community. This project is just as much ours as it is yours. If you have ideas, questions, or comments, please join our discord and either post them in the Suggestions or Questions and Answers section, or message Sara directly. We read and discuss everyone's ideas, so please don't hesitate to voice your thoughts! 

As for the development team, they have been hard at work from the inception of RetroRP.


Our modelers have been working on some custom buildings and equipment. 

Scripting wise we have been working on the police department, testing/fixing up textures in the server and cleaning up the vehicles and adding more features. 

They will be working on the custom medical system shortly, and making EMS a little less boring. 

They have been building up the website and fully customizing it to meet the needs of the staff team as well as the server.

They also are beginning to script in some civilian jobs. Some will be familiar, others will be unique!

We want to make sure there's plenty for civilians to do when the server opens.

They also have been working on perfecting the custom launcher. All you would need to do is subscribe to a single workshop collection, and from there you would download and install the launcher. Once the launcher is installed, you would run it, wait for your files to validate, and then from there click launch and it would launch ArmA and right o the Retro homepage. Easy-peasy!

RetroRP Announcement 06/30/2018
Adam Jones

RetroRP is a community founded by Jonzie and myself, Adam. The idea is to create a nostalgic roleplay server while at the same point pushing the limits of whats possible. RetroRP will be set in the mid-late 20th century. No exact time frame is set however many aspects of the sixties, seventies, and eighties will be prominent throughout the server. Using RPFramework, we have built various additional modules to enhance game play, and create a truly unique experience here at RetroRP. In addition, Jonzie has been hard at work bringing stunning vehicles with the highest of standards.

The first among many modules custom to RetroRP is the property system, players will be able to create property boundaries and develop properties to their needs. Gangs can use land claimed to build their empire and build structures to mask their criminal mischief while civilians can start a farm, build a house, or really whatever they like. Companies can build factories and storage facilities to hold cars, items, and vehicle, and factions can expand their forces.

We have high hopes for the future and cant wait to share it with you. We have a discord server where you are free to come and chat and post suggestions, thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon!